Nemo Design





Place a new stake in wake.

The boat that helped define the sport of wakeboarding, the MasterCraft XStar was getting a bit long in the tooth and the competition had caught up to its on-water performance. With the new XStar set to launch after nearly three years in development, the launch campaign creative had to live up to the boat’s status as a MasterCraft halo product and industry benchmark.



Create a relaunch campaign as iconic as the XStar itself.

Rather than make a bunch of noise, we did the opposite: we went dark. The XStar launch campaign began in the shadows, with MasterCraft social channels posting all-black imagery that lightened over successive postings to slowly reveal key form details of the boat, driving consumer anticipation and social chatter. We worked in tandem with MasterCraft Sports Marketing to coordinate with team athletes to post the same blank content on their social feeds as the campaign built toward launch day.

The full boat reveal came in the form of a launch video, a moody, dramatic take that pushed the boundaries of on-water edits and soundtrack selection. The campaign was pulled after only 14 days - all XStar manufacturing slots had been sold and the factory could take no further orders.


Consumer Engagement: 42% increase

Boats Sold: All of them

Campaign Sales Goals: Met in 14 days


““Working with Nemo is killer – they have rad people who want to have responsibility for our business’ success and teamwork like that is tough to find.””

- Jason Boertje (Mastercraft VP of Galactic Marketing)